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Lodore Falls

Popular waterfall tumbling more than 100 feet from Watendlath. Spectacular on rainy days.

Lodore Falls Borrowdale
The Lodore Falls are located behind the popular Lodore Falls Hotel

The Lodore Falls is where the beck that flows down the hanging valley of Watendlath tumbles over the edge into Borrowdale.

This cataract is best seen after rain, but is worth seeing at any time. Access is by a gate from the road near the Lodore Hotel. Access may also be made from the road above, Ashness Road which leads to Watendlath. The main drop of the falls is about 28 metres, or 90 feet.

The Lakeland poet, Robert Southey wrote his famous poem ‘The Cataract of Lodore’ in 1820 about the falls.

Get here by Launch:
Stop at Lodore. 15 mins walk from jetty.