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Lord’s Island

Lord's Island was once the residence of the Earls of Derwentwater.

Lord's Island Derwentwater
Lord’s Island. © Mark Hewitt Photography

Named for the Earls of Derwentwater who used to live here until the Jacobite Rebellion. Not only was there a fine house on this island but it also had a drawbridge which was used to cross to the mainland.

This fine house gradually fell into a state of disrepair when the Earls moved away, and only its foundations can still be seen today. The stone from this dilapidated house was moved into Keswick and used to make a meeting hall—this building, which is still standing today in the middle of the market square, is now the home of the Tourist Information Centre and is known as Moot Hall.

Apart from Derwent Island, which is a private residence, boat users are welcome to land on the islands.

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